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THC Potency:  20%

Flavours: Berries

Blue God is an Indica hybrid with strong narcotic effects. It’s a bred by Jordan of the Islands in Canada, is a powerful indica mothered by God Bud and Blueberry. Fulfilling all of our indica expectations, Blue God produces crushing full-body effects ideal for nighttime treatment of pain and sleep disorders. With age, Blue God develops a sweet berry aroma and deep purple leaves freckled in frosty resin.

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  1. Kevin

    Really great strain.. All around a smooth and relaxing experience.

  2. Ander 45

    This one is a very heavy strain. Not recommended for inexperienced smokers. Great for expert smokers

  3. josh

    Indica dominant with nice berry aroma. This top strain deserve a high praise.

  4. Vanice

    This strain has a sweet and rich tasting bud. its flavor make it my favorite. It makes me very sleepy at night which I love most.

  5. Emma

    This is one of the best buds I have ever smoked . It great taste and very powerful stuff. It always puts me in the best zone