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THC Potency: 25% – 28%

Flavours: sour-sweet taste of overripe fruit


Headbanger is one of the finest hybrid strains you can possibly get your hands on. The strain is produced by crossing Biker Rush and Sour Diesel and also won the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup in 2013. Not only is it a sativa dominant strain but it has an exceptionally high THC content which falls anywhere in between 25% and 28%. Headbanger has a 30:70 indica/sativa ratio and it produces beautiful buds to medicate with. The buds are incredibly dense and it borrows extensively from its Kush heritage. Moreover, it smells sour and offers a blend of citrus and diesel flavors at the same time. The strain is known as headbanger for good reason. Its high will overwhelm your senses in no time. It primarily offers a cerebral high and will make it easier for you to focus and concentrate on the task at hand. You will feel happy and euphoric at the same time, which is just what you will need if you are finding it difficult to keep things interesting. Considering its effects, the strain is better suited for individuals who are suffering from medical problems like mood swings, anxiety, depression and other mood disorders.

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  1. Cynthia

    So relaxing and makes me feel happy. I have major anxiety problems and this strain is perfect for me.

  2. Marcus

    Amazing euphoric feeling high, and leaves a lasting feeling of relaxation for hours. Definitely top 5 favorite strains.

  3. lucie

    One of the better strains I’ve had! Tastes earthy. Gets you feeling real good day or night, and is great for any situation. Get some and enjoy the euphoria!

  4. bennitoj34

    I’ve been hearing my friends talking about this strain for over 2 years now. Never tried it though. I decided to give it a try …I can say this stuff has a great taste and really hits hard ! This is definitely my new favourite!

  5. zico

    I’ve been smoking Headbanger for about a month now and it’s a really good strain. Great taste and the high last for a number of hours.

  6. charlie908

    Great morning and day strain. My body and brain feels energized. I would definitely recommend.